Death toll continues to rise from floods in Europe

Big events to require Covid passports

Elsewhere, Covid vaccines are on hold for most children amid concern that they offer little benefit and could trigger heart conditions, the Government’s advisers have said. 

The jabs will be recommended for around 370,000 children aged 12 to 15 who are most vulnerable to Covid, including those with severe learning disabilities or who are immunosuppressed. 

Meanwhile, supermarkets were facing a mask backlash from shoppers today amid complaints that staff, rather than customers, were failing to follow face-covering advice.

Fears more countries to be added to ‘amber-plus’ list

Today is amber list “freedom day” too, with fully-vaccinated Britons having their pick of quarantine-free holiday destinations. Yet a number of travel experts fear fully-vaccinated holidaymakers risk quarantine on return to the UK thanks to the Government’s creation of a new “amber plus” list, which could soon include Spain and Greece. One holidaymaker has revealed they have taken their child out of school to prevent him being told to isolate and ruining their summer plans. It comes as France’s junior European affairs minister called the Government’s stricter restrictions “excessive”. Yet as Emmanuel Macron threatens his citizens with obligatory vaccinations for everyone, Naomi Firsht analyses who the President has put himself in a hole of his own making.

‘It feels normal and weird’: the return of nightclubs

At a few minutes past midnight, in the purple light of Oval Space in Hackney, people began to cluster together on the dance floor with tentative enthusiasm. This was London’s first proper club night since March 2020 and Susannah Goldsbrough reveals it did not take long for clubbers to remember how it feels to be young and unselfconscious. A top hospitality chief says restaurants and pubs should not be blamed if there is a spike in Covid cases as a result of lifting restrictions while William Sitwell describes the joy of walking in to a pub and being able to order a pint of ale at the bar. Two people enjoying life without facemasks were the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, as they enjoyed an impromptu walkabout in the grounds of Exeter Cathedral.

The end of lockdown: What Front Page readers think

We asked Front Page readers to let us know what you will be doing differently after Covid restrictions ended today and what you are thankful for. This week, we will share some of your contributions.

In this year of our 50th wedding anniversary we are going to revitalise our lives with visits to our five children and seven grandchildren, who give us so much joy. We want to give them courage to face the future, whatever it may hold in store for us.”
Timothy & Andrea Tindal-Robertson, 81 & 79, Exeter

Also in the news: Today’s other headlines

Heatwave warning | The Met Office has issued its first ever “extreme heat” warning as the scorching temperatures across the UK are set to remain for a number of days. Read what to expect and what you should do. Three people pulled from the water died on Sunday as crowds flocked to beaches and waterways looking for relief from the heatwave. It comes amid a spate of extreme weather events to emerge around the world. Watch this video on why extreme weather has spread.

Around the world: Tensions flare in Cyprus ghost town

When Turkish President Recep Tayipp Erdogan returns to North Cyprus this week to commemorate the anniversary of Turkey’s intervention on the island, he is expected to make an announcement about the future of the ghost town of Varosha. Since the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus in response to a Greece-backed coup, the Tulip and the rest of Varosha has been cordoned off by the Turkish military. Mr Erdogan’s visit will likely fan the flames of division, as Campbell MacDiarmid reports from the once glamorous beach resort famed for hosting 1970s Hollywood stars.

Monday big-read

‘This was skulduggery of Schumacher proportions’

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