British soldiers used 'Dragons’ Den' committees to identify rapid improvements for tanks

British soldiers used ‘Dragons’ Den’ committees to identify rapid improvements for tanks

British soldiers have used “Dragons’ Den” committees to identify rapid improvements for their tanks.

Modifications to a Challenger 2 tank by troops from the Royal Tank Regiment (RTR) include “fire and forget” missiles, cameras to see around corners and “Berlin” urban camouflage.

The “Streetfighter” concept began as an experiment to better design tanks to fight in urban areas.

Initial modifications included very rudimentary improvements such as extra storage bins for ammunition and wrecking tools.

However, more technically advanced ideas have included Brimstone “fire and forget” missiles that can be programmed to look for enemy tanks or armoured personnel carriers miles ahead of the Streetfighter.

An “Iron Vision” sighting system on the roof allows troops inside the tank to see a 360-degree view outside, without exposing themselves to danger.

Lt Col Jim Howard, the RTR commanding officer, said the Streetfighter concept was based on Second World War innovative ideas.

“Some of the best achievements of the British Army have been through low-level innovation, which is what this is all about,” he said.

He cited the Sherman Firefly as a product of soldiers’ imagination when faced with overwhelming firepower from German Tiger tanks.

Over a weekend, soldiers from the RTR modified the Firefly by adding an anti-tank gun. It became possibly the most successful British tank of the war.

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