Dalian Atkinson trial: Pc says he kicked ex-footballer in the head with 'four out of 10' force

Dalian Atkinson trial: Pc says he kicked ex-footballer in the head with ‘four out of 10’ force

Ms Healy QC told the jury that Pc Monk used his position as a police officer and knowing the law on self-defence better than the average member of the public to choose his words. 

Using terms like “honestly-held belief” and “using reasonable force”.

CPS: Is that why you used the description of proportionate force?

Monk: When you’re talking in those environments, you’re talking with relevance to people in the same kind of field. 

CPS: In the interview in Jan 2017, you say, “My intention was to keep him on the floor. Whether it was as hard as I could, I don’t know the answer to that.” Had you used a sliding scale, one to 10, and 10 being the hardest you could – you would’ve placed it at only having used a 4. So a considerable margin under your maximum force?

Monk: Yes.

CPS: Why did you say in January you can’t answer the question if the kick was as hard as you could?

Monk: Because thinking as I am now because I should’ve said 1 to 10. 

CPS: Are you saying with confidence to this jury that you only used a force of about four?

Monk: What I’m saying is I have the confidence to say I didn’t want to hurt Mr Atkinson. That’s why I’m saying it was a four. 

CPS: You think at the time, very quickly, that the other resources aren’t of use to you, so you quickly discount those. 

Monk: Correct. 

CPS: You say you need to get Miss Bettley-Smith to get away from him.

Monk: Correct.

CPS: And you also decide you want to kick Mr Atkinson, but you don’t want to hurt him?

Monk: Correct

CPS: So you take care to only use four on the force. But you don’t take any care to where you hit him?

Monk: As I said yesterday, I’m not a vindictive person and I didn’t want to hurt Mr Atkinson. 

CPS: Surely, surely, what you naturally think about is where to deliver the kick, isn’t it?

Monk: Not in the situation like that, now we’re in a situation where we’re going through in slow time. It was the most terrifying situation I’ve ever been in in my life. 

CPS: The fact you kicked him in the head was not your intention?

Monk: That’s correct.

CPS: But you kicked him for a second time in the head?

Monk: That’s what the evidence says

CPS: And there’s no point in me asking you about the second kick because you can’t remember doing it, is that fair?

Monk: That’s correct.

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