Ghislaine Maxwell's sex trafficking trial delayed until autumn

Ghislaine Maxwell’s se-x trafficking trial delayed until autumn

She had sought to delay the trial until at least November 8, and perhaps to next January, because adding the se-x trafficking charges to her indictment on March 29 more than doubled the size of the government’s case.

Prosecutors opposed an adjournment, but said they could accept a March 2022 start date to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Ms Nathan said any adjournment must be “no longer than necessary,” noting that Ms Maxwell is being jailed in Brooklyn.

“Importantly, any victims and the public more broadly have a strong interest in trial proceeding without undue delay,” she added.

Ms Maxwell’s lawyers have complained repeatedly that her trial preparation is impeded by her treatment in ja-il.

She has objected to guards who allegedly interfere with her review of evidence, and wake her at night by shining flashlights into her cell to ensure she does not commit sui-cide.

Epstein kil-led himself in a Manhattan ja-il in August 2019 while awaiting trial on se-x trafficking charges.

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