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Monday morning UK news briefing: PM’s winter Covid plan

It is well known that lockdowns were a disaster for mental health, but have they also caused havoc to our heart health?

A new book argues that human hearts are poorly equipped to deal with the stresses of modern life, especially during a pandemic. 

Cardiologist Dr Boon Lim tells Luke Mintz how the constant pressure of low-level lockdown stressors could have aggravated our blood pressure – and what we can do to fix it.

No new tax increases in this parliament after backlash

After signs of a grassroots backlash following last week’s tax raid, Sajid Javid has insisted that there should be no new tax rises before the next election. The Health Secretary said that cuts to public spending should be considered before any new increase to tax if more money had to be found in the coming years. It comes after the Prime Minister pushed through a manifesto-breaking National Insurance rise despite Cabinet disquiet (use our calculator to see how you will fare). Political Editor Ben Riley-Smith has learnt of a fresh rebel attempt to change the policy.

Emma Raducanu’s 14 matches to achieve global fame

It has taken a mere 14 tennis matches for Emma Raducanu to transform herself from complete unknown to global superstar. She will wake up in New York today as the new queen of the tennis court, embarking on a series of US interviews that will further catapult her to fame and fortune. At the age of 18, Raducanu is on course to become the wealthiest female athlete in British sporting history. Chief Sports Writer Oliver Brown explains that the poise and composure she showed on the court was just as evident off it. And read how Tim Henman was part of the triumph.

Today’s political cartoon

  • View Blower‘s latest cartoon on Emma Raducanu and the NI tax rise. (Matt is away).

Also in the news: Today’s other headlines

Labour | Sir Keir Starmer has been ridiculed by his own MPs after it was revealed he is writing a 14,000 word essay for a Westminster think tank that would put an end to the party’s “navel-gazing”. The Labour leader has reportedly written the treatise for the Fabian Society in an attempt to reshape his own leadership ahead of the party’s conference this month.

Around the world: Women paraded in hooded veils

The Taliban have paraded women in black robes with hoods that cover their faces and appear to block their vision, a radical dress code that has prompted renewed warnings about their plans for female education. Senior Foreign Correspondent Roland Oliphant reports that several dozen women wearing black robes, some with hoods over their faces and gloves covering their hands, were gathered in a lecture theatre to hear female speakers decry the West at Kabul University.

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