Nigerian army chief denies his soldiers shot and killed anti-Sars protesters 

Nigerian army chief denies his soldiers shot and kil-led anti-Sars protesters 

“If we fired live rounds into that crowd, the casualties will have been too much,” General Taiwo said. “So we made that judgement, and decided to use blank ammunition.”

Two of the civilian panel witnesses said some troops fired into the air, but all three said other soldiers shot peaceful protesters, injuring or killing them.

“I remember a particular soldier that kept dancing while he shot,” Ms Ayuku told the court.

Soldiers removed some protesters’ corpses in vans, said two witnesses, one adding that the troops took away bul-let casings.

Later that night, police arrived and opened fire on protesters, two witnesses said. One said they saw police sho-ot de-ad two men.

Ms Ayuku said she returned the next morning to find blood stains and casings on the floor, while vultures hovered overhead.

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